Frontnow Is Part of the Prestigious IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Program

Emerging Berlin-based tech startup Frontnow proudly announces its participation in the 2023 IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Program. The investment preparation and mentorship program of the US-based IT and consulting company IBM in collaboration with Village Capital aims to support impact-oriented startups in dealing with highly sensitive data.

Since its inception, the program has already supported nearly 150 startups worldwide in their early stages. The current run, with a total of 45 startups including Frontnow, is already the sixth cohort. The virtual accelerator offers startups one year of technical mentorship, including $120,000 worth of IBM Cloud Credits, access to IBM subject matter experts and engineers, go-to-market support, co-marketing and branding, as well as regular leadership reviews and monthly mentorship meetings. With a clear focus on security and privacy, the program aims to foster innovative solutions that drive digital transformation across multiple industries.

Frontnow attaches great importance to secure evaluation and analysis of customer data: The AI-driven virtual shopping advisor "Frontnow Advisor" brings the advice and customer experience of brick-and-mortar retail to the world of e-commerce and helps to make profound business decisions based on the evaluation of interactions and data.

It is an extraordinary honor and validation of our vision to have been selected by a prestigious program like the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, conducted in partnership with Village Capital and IBM. This recognition underscores our commitment to transforming e-commerce with advanced AI technology, always keeping security and privacy at the forefront. Bernhard Lihotzky, Co-Founder & CEO

About Frontnow:

Enterprise-grade AI supercharging customer journeys - Frontnow is a Berlin-based technology company and pioneer in transforming e-commerce through AI. The company uses advanced technologies to optimize customer experiences and develops customized solutions tailored to customers' unique needs. Frontnow GmbH was founded in 2020 by Marc Funk, Bernhard Lihotzky and Cedric May.

About IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator:

The IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program is an investment readiness and technical mentorship initiative in partnership with Village Capital. The program supports startups that use highly sensitive data to improve access and quality of digital, financial and healthcare services. In this effort, IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator provides technical resources, expert networks and go-to-market strategies.

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